KILOALTA Amethyst Roller

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IDR 450,000.00
KILOALTA Amethyst Roller 12 12

Amethyst crystals are often used to protect us from negative energies and can help promote clarity and relaxation.
Crafted from 100% pure amethyst. Our beautiful amethyst is the perfect tools to de-stress, detox, tone and lift.
Use your favorite skin care then roll it to achieve maximum absorption and of course your natural glow✨

  • Post-cleansing and toning, smooth over a moisturizer or facial oil on the face and glide over in motions as shown on our instructions card.
  • The roller will help your facial product absorb better into the skin as well as promote detoxification and tones the complexion.
  • You may also roll on top of sheet masks to help promote better essence absorption.
  • In addition to the face, you may also use the roller on your body such as your neck or hard to reach places to release tension.

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