LAVIE LASH Fleur Value Pack (5 pairs)

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IDR 198,800.00
LAVIE LASH Fleur Value Pack (5 pairs) 2 2

Our best selling lashes are now available in a convenient value pack. Don’t run out of your favorite lashes again.

Consists of 5 pairs.

Fleur is an amazing multi layered lash style with beautiful density and an airy feel.They also tend draw attention to your eyes and making them look smolderingly sexy.

Mini adhesive included.

Hand made from 100% premium natural hair, Fleur will make you look like a beautiful being from another dimension!

Our lashes are handmade from 100% premium natural hair.

Check fit

  • Align brand with natural lash line. Trim excess if necessary.

Apply adhesive

  • Apply a thin line of adhesive along the lash band. Wait for 30 seconds to set.

Apply lashes

  • Secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.

To remove:

Carefully lift and ease lash corners away from your eye. Do not pull on individual hairs. Replace lashes on tray for next time use.

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