LUXCRIME New Ultra Lipmatte - Bombshell (5g)

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LUXCRIME New Ultra Lipmatte - Bombshell (5g) 2 2

"when all else fails, turn it into bombshell lips" Luxcrime Ultra Lipmatte in Bombshell is a universal warm mauve shade. The everyday essential you never knew you needed. Shade Description: Warm Mauve Luxcrime Ultra Lipmatte with new formula: a creamy, moist and comfortable formula with long lasting matte finish with soft and thin applicator help you to precise the edges when apply it. The Lipmatte that you never tried before.

  • Exfoliate your lips with lipscrub and moisturize with lipbalm or coconut oil
  • Apply a thin layer of lipmatte on your lips , for soft color effect apply 1 layer/swipe, and for bolder color effect apply 2 layers/swipes
  • Wait until it dries until it set matte finish
  • Easy remove with our cleansing oil

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