NAKEUP FACE 10% AHA Scaling Cream (30ml)

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IDR 250,000.00
NAKEUP FACE 10% AHA Scaling Cream (30ml) 1 1

Exp date: 06/2020

AHA scaling cream with 30 days promise which relieves the stress of problematic skin.

Dissolve the keratin and sebum blocking the pores to create smooth skin, cream which doesn't need to wash off.

Glycolic acid with the smallest particles among AHA tidy up the skin without damage.

AHA is fruit acids derived from natural ingredients, the skin-friendly ingredients to dissolve dead skin cells.

Normalizes the water oil balance, naturally volume up by increasing the elasticity.

Tidy up the skin to take the makeup well by removing ketatin + Moisturizing + improving tone. 

Lemon verbena leaf extract, argan tree kernel oil, jojoba seed oil

  • Apply to the entire face avoding eye area.
  • Can be used for dry flaky elbow or heel.

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