OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil (30ml)

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OLIVARRIER Fluid Oil (30ml) 0 0

Exp date: 07/2021

Protects skin from dryness and ultraviolet rays, strengthen the skin barrier with excellent moisture. 

Light, quick absorption means no worries about a greasy residue feel. Works for all skin types. Cruelty-free and vegan.

Light, glowing moisturizer

Fluid Oil uses 100% plant squalane oils that can only be extracted from the best, healthy olives.

The final product is similar to human sebum, keeping the skin fresh without oily sticky residue. It is fragrance-free, colorless, non-preservative ingredient that is safe for babies and pregnant women. Can be used for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and trouble-prone skin.


Safe from the harsh environment

Air pollution, stress, unhealthy foods and heat all contribute to lipid oxidation that leads to skin aging and dryness.

Healthy skin maintains 20-30% moisture and 70-80% oil, but many times dry skin is only given moisture. Fluid oil maintains the lipid barrier and prevents dryness due to lack of oil your skin needs.


Nature-derived squalane*

Protects skin from ultraviolet rays and peroxide that cause aging and dryness, and prevents roughness and dryness due to moisture loss. It is a non-comedogenic ingredient, meaning your skin can retain moisture without clogging pores. It prevents the accumulation of thick keratin by keeping the keratin moisturized, and helps strengthen the skin barrier.


One bottle for all

This clear, small bottle contains effective moisturizers for healthy skin, with safe ingredients that can be used by every member of your family.

We have completely eliminated chemical ingredients, and have credibility through clinical and demanding certifications. Responsible thinking about people and the environment creates clean, green products that are also good for your skin.


Safe ingredients

We create natural cosmetics that keep in mind raw material acquisition processes, safe production processes, and the environmental impact.


Texture type

A fragrance-free, oil-rich moisturizer that enhances your skin barrier without stickiness.

100% Olive Squalane

  • Use one or two drops and apply to the face by gently patting into the skin.
  • Apply after Emollient Extra Comfort Cream or Dual Moist Comfort Cream.

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