SEREIN Clear Quartz Roller

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IDR 289,000.00
SEREIN Clear Quartz Roller 4 4

The Clear Quartz Roller is a beauty tool made from beautiful and 100% authentic clear quartz crystal.

The Serein Clear Quartz Roller includes a hardbox with satin cushioning for storage, as well as detailed instructions for use and care of gemstone rollers.
  • It is rolled onto face to reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation and is regular rolling is significantly proven to improve your skin and complexion.
  • The tool features a larger stone for the cheek, forehead, and jaw area, and the smaller stone for rolling the eye and mouth area.
  • The clear quartz stone is the most purest form of crystals showing its purity and eliminating negative energies.
  • It is known to calm inflammation, irritation, and redness, and also boosting blood circulation and skin cell renewal.

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