SKINS BONI Yogurt Bonimini Wash Off Mud Pack - Green Tea (15g)

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SKINS BONI Yogurt Bonimini Wash Off Mud Pack - Green Tea (15g) 0 0

Find your skin's optimal pH with Skin's Boni Yogurt Bonmini Wash Off Mud Pack!  Inspired by the popular drinkable yogurt that many Korean kids grew up with, this formulation combined with clay mud provides a multi solution system to not just restore your skin's optimal pH but to also rejuvenate and restore your skin.The clay mud assists in smoothing away roughness, drawing out the dirt and oil from pores and minimizing them while soothing and calming the skin.

Skin's Boni's Yogurt Bonmini Wash Off Mud Pack comes in three different varieties - Green Tea, Charcoal and Pine Needles - that each balance your skin's pH, provide nutrients and moisture, and boost your skin's natural defenses to environmental pollutants. 

Green tea powder (5%), kaolin, bentonite and green tea water focus on soothing and protecting the skin - removing sebum, dirt and oils from the pores and fortifying the skin's natural defenses.

  • Apply evenly on the face except for the eyes and the mouth
  • Wait 15 minutes for the pack to dry, and wash off with warm water.

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